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BANKSIA DEL-1700 Walk in bath gives a stylish bath that prolongs independence by allowing people to bath easily, even as their mobility declines. It also reduces the cost and trauma associated with bathroom slips and falls.

A combination bath/shower accommodates those who want to shower or bath without stepping over a bathtub wall.

Attractive, universal, easy access bathtub design.

Easy access door and low entry step minimizes hazards and accidents.

Shower screen included 76cm W x 150cm H

All plumbing fixtures are supplied. Unit is pre-plumbed

Built in non-slip floor surface.

Note: When ordering please specify left or right door.

Outer Dimension 170cm L X 86cm W x 60cm H

Water Spa with 5 jets.

Hydrotherapy Water spa system. This is not a standard pool spa, but a specialist hydrotherapy system from one of the worlds leading suppliers. Purpose designed to alleviate pain symptoms from rheumatism, arthritis and other similar painful conditions. 
Custom made AUSTRALIAN fast fill taps. Standard taps will take much longer to fill your bath.

Australian Standards Compliant fittings and components. 

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